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Author: chriskanther

  • Post-NaNoWriMo Update

    Haha, I’m only 10 days late, right? No, but seriously, November was as enriching a month as I’ve had in, well, probably a year (since last year’s NaNo).   I wrote, I laughed, I met some amazing writers in my area, and I had a ton of fun. But I didn’t hit 50K this year. […]

  • 30 Days and Nights of Literary Abandon

    I never really planned to make NaNoWriMo a yearly thing.  And I certainly never thought that I would eventually become a Municipal Liaison (ML) for my region!  But circumstances being what they are, I decided to step up and give it a try.  (This step up also involved getting a shiny new laptop to replace […]

  • Return of the Star Wars Mania

    Almost by accident (fate?) I happened to walk into Target on Force Friday.  And was forcibly reminded by a million displays that (if I wasn’t already aware from the news articles that seem to come out minute-by-minute) there is a new Star Wars movie coming out this December. So I think I’m gonna party like […]

  • Launching The Jewel Riders Archive

    I meant to write about this twelve days ago before going on a little week-long road trip I just got back from, but my brain was already in vacation mode by that point. First, a little history: for the past few months, a friend and I have been working hard on designing a home for […]

  • I LIVE.

    My apologies for being particularly absent recently. After three days sans computer, I now fully realize just how much I use/love it. My poor computer got a root key/malware/bloatware/general ickiness, and none of my programs or applications could connect to the internet. I took it into a local repair shop, and $180 later, my baby […]

  • Spelunking through the VHS Fansub Era

    My parents have been harping on me for years now to go through some of the stuff I’ve left behind at their house.  When I originally moved to the North State, I never imagined I would be here for five years, so it didn’t seem necessary to move a lot of my stuff with me.  […]

  • The Persistence of Memory

    Of all things, these thoughts are attributable to Jem and the Holograms. I’m a pretty big fan of the show – it’s big, bold, fun, and actually more sophisticated for the era it was produced than most people give it credit for (you can thank uber-writer Christy Marx for that!)   The dolls being produced by […]